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Your First Class

So you want to try it out? Great! We just need to make a few things clear before you show up. Please read the following instructions carefully.

1. Dress Code

You should bring comfortable clothing designed for lots of movement and sweating. Adults are not required to wear a uniform but a loose-fitting t-shirt and shorts or sweat pants is appropriate. Please maintain appropriate hygeine. You will be sweating and breathing heavily in close proximity to others. Foul odors may be appropriate for taking down an opponent, but are not appreciated in the class setting.

Suggested items to bring:

2. Shoe Policy

We practice on hard floors, and a dedicated pair of athletic shoes is required. Shoes may be any color but NOT ALL-BLACK SOLES (due to marking up the floor). Classes will teach a lot of agility drills and shoes with good support are a must. You must have a DEDICATED PAIR OF SHOES for class. You do not have to go buy new shoes on your first day, but you may not wear the same shoes in class that you wear outside. Check the soles of your shoes and dig out any gravel or other debris stuck inside the treads on the bottom. We share these floors with dancers and need to keep them in excellent condition.

3. Notify the Instructor

Occasionally, we must cancel a class. We don't want you to waste your time and show up at an empty place, so please E-MAIL US ( to tell us which class you will attend.

4. Get Directions

Our studio is a little hard to find the first time. Our primary location is at 7000 E 47th Avenue Dr, Suite 600A Denver, CO 80216 (Map). We are in the southwest corner of that building.

5. Arrive Early

You will need to fill out a small bit of paperwork on your first visit before you can participate. Please show up 15 minutes early to make sure you can complete this paperwork and receive a short introduction from the instructor before class starts.

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Colorado's source for Jeet Kune Do classes. Serving the Denver metropolitan area with two locations, including the Stapleton/Northfield area in North Denver and Southeast Denver. Jeet Kune Do is different from karate, tae kwon do, and kung fu.