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Training Equipment

There are several pieces of training equipment that you'll find valuable when you commit to your practice. Here is a list of tools you should consider purchasing for safety and honing your skills in specific techniques. We have no affiliation with the vendors listed, these are merely recommendations based on our experience.

Equipment Bags

So you've ordered a bunch of stuff and you've got nowhere to put it? Keep in mind that your collection will likely outgrow the standard duffle bags. You need something big to hold all your gear.

Macho Champ Bag

Focus Mitts

We use focus mitts in nearly every class. They are essential for training accuracy in your punches and kicks. No JKD practitioner should be without a sturdy set of mitts. We recommend a flat surface instead of the curved surfaces more commonly used in boxing.

Combat Sports Micro Punch Mitts

Jump Rope

If you want to get an edge in your footwork, you need to be jumping rope!

Olympic Style Beaded Jump Rope

Boxing Gloves

You'll use boxing gloves to throw punches more realistically without knocking out your partner. Get 14oz gloves!

Ringside IMF Tech Sparring Gloves

Head Gear (Sparring)

This is a required piece if you are sparring

Pro Leather Full Face Gear

Mouth Guards (Sparring)

If you're going to spar, you need one of these. Keep in mind you'll want to be able to talk with it in, so an upper-jaw model is best.

Everlast Single Mouthguard

Groin Protectors (Sparring)

Not much to say about this.. you must have it if you have something to protect

Ringside Groin Abdominal Boxing Protector
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